Thursday, May 17, 2007

My first shift

My first "real" shift technically was a day shift, from 2-6 pm, where there were maybe 14 customers for the duration and I only made 80 dollars, 40 of which being from 2 lapdances, the rest being stage tips from my two stage shows. During the day the dancers were a lot nicer, older and a little less attractive. There were more old, rich men who were loyal to their favorite dancers, and a lot less competition. Had it been busier, I can definitely see how it would be possible to make 300/shift, as the men tip better and have more money. This was just a warm up shift.

My first real night shift was a Monday night. I went in thinking it wouldn't be that busy, as it was a Monday, however, I was wrong. I got there around 7:15, got dressed and was on the floor by 8. I danced my first set five minutes after which definitely helped me get in the mood. Ones and fives spilling out of your garter is just incentive to keep going. I found the first customer who gave me eye contact and sat down next to him and introduced myself. He was a businessman who had just come in town for a dinner meeting and didn't feel like driving all the way home so he got a room at the ritz carlton and a wad of $20s to get dances all night. He bought dances from me in sets of 2's. I would talk to him for maybe 10 minutes, and then he would ask for 2 dances, I'd dance, he'd give me $40, and then we'd talk again, repeat. I sold him 8 dances within 2 hours and made $160. I honestly don't remember who else I gave dances to, I was so elated that my first customer was so awesome that no one else mattered. I also sold a VIP room to a drunken russian who only wanted to talk about how much he wanted to kiss me and how he's a lifeguard and from russia. I made 100 dollars for sitting and talking with a drunk for 30 minutes fully clothed. When he found out he couldn't touch me or kiss me he wanted nothing to do with me and the only thing i had to focus on was keeping him distracted for 30 minutes so he wouldn't get angry and demand his money back. Even though he couldn't touch me I think he had a good time talking. Before I knew it, the night was over and we were changing in the dressing room. There were so many women from all different backgrounds. I was the youngest. There were a couple dancers who had babies, a couple dancers from broken homes trying to make money to get a car, an apartment, to go to school, there were a couple students like me, and of course the typical stripper who just wants to make money to afford clothes and purses and expensive things, with no real goals- the lifers. Some dancers were friendly with me, others barely talked and kept to themselves. I was absolutely mesmerized by a certain dancer, not your typical stripper look- short dark hair, small breasts, punk looking.. but her stage shows and lap dances were amazing. She didn't shake her ass, she didn't do anything lewd or obscene to get tips, she purely danced, and she was fantastic at it.

I made 400 dollars after tip out my first night, and drove home very happy.


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